Let us help you, so your kitty can rest...


We have more than 15 years dealing with computers and their problems. We are IT professionals that are here to give you the most reliable and affordable service. We have the skills required to solve every single issue your computer may face. Regardless if you are an individual or a business, whether you have one or a thousand computers, or perhaps you have hardware or software issues… to be honest, it does not matter! We have the right and affordable solution for you and/or your business.


We also understand today’s economy. Nowadays, people cannot afford paying hundreds of dollars to these big corporations that for something very simple they won’t doubt to empty your packets. They don’t care about you, they only care about taking your money. Here at newbiemania, we understand this. We conduct our business in a way that our customers get the proper solution for a fair price, and this is what makes us different from the rest. In short, we want to help you, not help our packets.

We will teach you

We also want to help you increasing your computer skills. We will tell you exactly what the problem is, how to recognize it, and how to solve it. We will answer all of your questions, doubts, comments, and we will make sure that you are completely satisfied with our service before leaving your home. And the best of all... this is free!

Newbiemania was born with the help of a lot of people, and our goal was, is, and always will be to give you the most reliable and affordable customer experience.

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